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By definition, the immune system is a network of biological processes that protects an organism from disease. Our company's name, Michigan Immune Defense, helps to describe our goal: which is to provide the citizens of Michigan with a means of fortifying their immune system and body as a whole. Healthcare should not start when people are already sick. The body's cells and natural immune system can be supported to better defend itself and prevent disease.

Cellular Targeted Health Services optimize all cells in the body. Consistent nourishment creates consistent health and longevity. Cellular regeneration and reversing the signs and symptoms of aging starts from within. Maintaining healthy, youthful cells will help you enjoy life to its maximum potential today and in the later years to come.

Michigan Immune Defense is a collaborating partner with Guardian Medical Direction.

Guardian Medical Direction provides medical oversight to medical spas, wellness centers, telemedicine companies, and individual healthcare practitioners across the country. Through their team of highly qualified and trained medical directors and physician collaborators, Guardian’s mission is to create a community in healthcare by providing high quality medical oversight to companies and practitioners that are striving to increase access to healthcare and better the lives of their clients and patients.

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Director of Operations

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Mallory Capp



Mallory Capp has been a Registered Nurse for over 14 years. Twelve of those years were spent in the Intensive Care Units at a Level 1 Trauma Hospital in Downtown Detroit. Mallory's passion for preventative healthcare and wellness came out of working in the COVID ICU during the pandemic.

In addition to nursing, Mallory is a self-defense instructor and Krav Maga Black Belt. She has the utmost value for life and for living it to its fullest. 

It is her goal to provide all people the chance to not only survive but thrive in this life and beyond

Our Team.

Michigan Immune Defense is made up of licensed healthcare professionals with vast clinical experience and years of expertise. We take pride in bringing you services and care of the highest quality.

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