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 Our Services

We understand that choosing the right infusion or injectable might be difficult.
Therefore, we have organized our services to help keep it simple. 

There are five service categories. Each are described in extra details below.
Please click on each individual infusion or injectable for even more information.

1. The M.I.D. Infusion
2. Targeted Infusions
3. Active Ailment Infusions
4. NAD+ Infusions
5. IM Injectables.


The M.I.D. Infusion


This is our all-encompassing infusion. It includes all of the micronutrients needed for cellular regeneration and maintenance.

The M.I.D. Infusion is designed to increase vitality on a day-to-day basis, and support your long term health.

Regular monthly infusions can be done safely and effectively.  See our membership page for more information.

Price: $285

Details, Recommendations, and Ingredients

Targeted Infusions


Whatever your goals or health circumstances may be, we can help. Targeted Infusion appointments are guided by a consultation with one of our team members to discuss the best possible protocol to support your needs and goals.

See the list below. Click on each infusion for detailed information:

Allergy Relief and Prevention

Athletic Performance and Recovery

Auto-Immune Disease Support

Cognition Enhancement 

Energy Boost

Fibromyalgia - Pain and Energy Support

GI Health and Healing
Immune Boost

Mental Health Support

Post Viral Syndrome Support

Skin, Hair & Nail Health
Skin Healing
Surgery Pre-op and Post-op


​Price: $225

Active Ailment Infusions


When you aren't feeling your best - we have a solution! Our Active Ailment Infusions include everything you need to feel better.


See the list below. Click on each infusion for detailed information:

Active Illness

Pain Relief



Price: $175

NAD+ Infusions


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a micro-nutrient that is produced naturally by the body and is essential for the mitochondria in your cells.  This micro-nutrient is found in every cell in our body, but it decreases as we age.  Consistent replenishment of NAD+ via IV infusion is the best and most effective way to support your mitochondria - which in turn will help increase overall energy and decrease signs and symptoms of aging

NAD+ 250mg

Price: $300

NAD+ 500mg

Price: $500

Click here for more details.


Additional nutrients or recovery enhancements that are injected into the muscle.

Can be combined with your IV infusion or as a stand-alone service. 

IM Injectables


See the list below. Click on each injectable for detailed information:

B12 IM Injection

Biotin IM Injection

Mega-Immune Boost IM Injection

Vit D IM Injection


Price: $50

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