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About Us

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Our Mission

At Michigan Immune Defense, we believe all people have the right to HEALTHcare. We declare that healthcare should be defined as preventative measures that keep individuals healthy, and even improves ones quality of life. As opposed to SICKcare, which has unfortunately become the standard for traditional medical practices.

MID was born out of the COIVD pandemic of 2020. The founder of Michigan Immune Defense discovered that boosting the immune system with natural nutrients kept people alive and out of the hospital. It is our mission to provide the citizens of Michigan hope in the light future pandemics, and the ability to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Through alternative interventions like intravenous vitamin therapy, one can even drastically improve and enhance one's quality and vitality of life.

The M.I.D. Difference


More Ingredients. Better value. Research backed protocols.

Our infusions were created to provide EVERY nutrient needed for the condition described. Most of our infusions have a minimum of 5 ingredients, to our largest infusion having 15 ingredients. This far surpasses others in our industry when it comes to quality and value. In addition, each of these infusion recipes were designed from research and tested protocols. 


Highest Safety and Quality Standards.

In order to comply with the USP 797 Guidelines, all of our infusions are mixed in a Compounding Aseptic Isolator. This ensures sterility of the entire process and almost completely reduces the risk of infection or contamination. We are committed to absolute quality and the safety of our clients.  


Experienced Medical Professionals

Michigan Immune Defense is made up of licensed healthcare professionals with vast clinical experience and years of expertise. We take pride in bringing you services and care of the highest quality. All members are licensed professionals in good standing, who are passionate about Michigan Immune Defense's mission. 

Our Team

​Michigan Immune Defense is a collaborating partner with Guardian Medical Direction.

Guardian Medical Direction provides medical oversight to medical spas, wellness centers, telemedicine companies, and individual healthcare practitioners across the country. Through their team of highly qualified and trained medical directors and physician collaborators, Guardian’s mission is to create a community in healthcare by providing high quality medical oversight to companies and practitioners that are striving to increase access to healthcare and better the lives of their clients and patients.

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Wellness Focus

Cellular Targeted Health Services such as IV Infusion and IM Injectable therapies are one of the most effective ways to optimize your health and wellness. Intravenous and intramuscular routes of administration bypass the digestive system, allowing for complete bio-availability of essential micronutrients to our cells.

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